Every lawyer, at least once in every case, feels himself crossing a line that he doesn’t really mean to cross… it just happens… And if you cross it enough times it disappears forever. And then you’re nothin but another lawyer joke. Just another shark in the dirty water.” from The Rainmaker.  

Investigative Journalist Michael Volpe read our case and had this to say:  Other than complicating an already complicated situation, what purpose did appointing the child rep Natalie Koga serve, when you’ve already had a custody evaluation and CPS looked at it and they determined who the problem parent was?  The child representative was the third or fourth court professional to be assigned to this case and besides making an already complicated matter even more complicated having so many court professionals holds no logical purpose.  Because that’s where corruption thrives – when you can make a situation complicated.  Dr. Stanton Samenow, not only in Chris Mackney’s case, would come in as a so-called independent arbiter but end up communicating, and often being paid, exclusively with one side. He would pretend as though his so-called expert opinion was objective while being bought and paid for and that’s what it appears happened in this case as well. Not only with Dr. Fisher, but Natalie Koga and others in this case. The veneer of independence is one of many reasons why I believe all court ordered professionals should be outlawed immediately. They are not merely a waste of hundreds of thousands of dollars but counter-productive and often actively work to create conflict in cases in order to justify their continued involvement.”– Michael Volpe, Author of Bullied to Death: Chris Mackney’s Kafkaesque Divorce,   Natalie Koga Confronted With Eye-Witness To Her Corruption

“When a court ordered professional begins working for one side, as Dr. Fisher clearly was in this case, it is the worst of both worlds. You have a hired gun with the veneer of independence. It is something I have seen and documented repeatedly.” -Michael Volpe, Author of Bullied to Death: Chris Mackney’s Kafkaesque Divorce.     Dr. Daniel Fisher’s Misconduct, With Michael Volpe

*The information contained on this site concerning my case is a matter of public record; whether it part of the court record or available to the public through the Freedom of Information Act or verifable by eye-witnesses.

Most Americans are blissfully unaware that their tax dollars support a court system with little to no accountability which operates on a “pay to play” level to predetermine the “winner” without Due Process, in clear violation of our Constitutional Rights.  In a country where most people believe in “family values”, fit and loving Parents are erased from their children’s lives, for huge profit every day. Motherless America   Federal Funding to States for Removing a Parent

We demand reform, accountability, and checks and balances in this system.  We demand that our Constitutional Rights be upheld, Due Process, Rules of Evidence and the State Statutes be followed.  We demand that Family Court judges, who receive their salaries and pensions from our tax-payer money, adhere to their sworn Oath of Office.  (5 ILCS 255/) Oaths and Affirmations Act.  28 U.S. Code § 453 – Oaths of justices and judges

We demand that attorneys and all court vendors adhere to the Code of Ethics and Statutes for their respective professions.  We demand an immediate end to false reporting, perjury and Judicial Deception on the part of Child Representatives, Guardian Ad Litems, and all court vendors. 

We demand an end to the illegal practice of judges and lawyers forcing litigants into so-called “therapy” with their buddies.  “Family Court is a very lucrative Litigation-Therapy Racket.“-Doreen Ludwig, Author, Motherless America: Confronting Welfare’s Fatherhood Custody Program.   We demand an end to cronyism and corruption, legal psychiatric abuse, and the litigation-therapy racket.  

We demand that all family court judges, attorneys, clerks, and court vendors behave in an honorable and decent fashion.  We demand that they treat each and every litigant and child in the system with honesty, respect, kindness, and courtesy.  We demand that family court insiders immediately stop exploiting litigants and Cease And Desist from treating us like their personal money machines.  


Family Court insiders have the perfect machinery in place to make a boat-load of money off of people’s pain.  In a self-policing system where the financial goals of court vendors come first, countless children are forced to grow up without one of their parents. Family Court has more dollars flowing through it than all the other courts combined.  Our precious children are nothing more than family court insiders’ paychecks.  This must change.

540149_10200351928393136_20043865_nLisa Nadig is a noted figure in the world of classical vocal music in Chicago and beyond, having sung with the Chicago Symphony and numerous other prestigious arts organizations.   A highly sought-after teacher, she has been a music educator for more than 25 years in a wide variety of settings, including at the University level.  Ms. Nadig is also a survivor of prolonged (6 years+) vicious bullying and aggressive Legal Abuse through Cook County family court in tandem with financial exploitation of her family farm estate in Jo Daviess County, Illinois.   While silence is more comfortable, she made the decision to speak out about the need for reform, checks and balances, and accountability in our nation’s self-policing and highly lucrative family courts.

As a result of Lisa’s experiences, she is an advocate, court watch reporter in Cook County Chicago, writer and speaker, working for Family Court reform, Children’s Rights, accountability/oversight for Guardian ad Litems/Child Representatives and all Court Vendors, improved training for judges and attorneys in dealing with Domestic Violence cases, and cameras in the courtroom.  As an artist-teacher, she is uniquely suited to assist as speaker, educator or presenter on a wide variety of court reform,  and child advocacy topics.  



  1. Diane Wilson

    The judicial system in our country needs a complete overhaul, with most of the judges removed from the bench. Then we need a citizen oversight board to review their rulings in depth. Judges need to be held accountable for what they are doing to people. Once money is taken out of the equation we will begin to see more justice. I went public with my mother’s story the day she was kidnapped by Mary Giordano, an elder “care attorney with elderlawfg.com. She and the judge and the geriatric “care” manager did everything they could to steal every last dime from my mother. Once they locked her up in a nursing home, my Mom gave up. Two months later to the day she died; penniless, frightened and alone. Never be afraid to expose these criminals. They know exactly what they are doing and they are a major part of the reason for the destruction and devaluation of family. Those people will pay a heavy price. Karma. Keep up the good work. You will win…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mark Hexum

    Stories like yours are the reason I took my story public. My sons were older but damaged severely. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you. This stuff has to stop. I’m going to do my part to change the laws.


  3. Jude Hunter

    The one thing [good fit mothers] that lose custody have in common is [they] have an [abuse case]. The U.S.DOJ investigation found the nation’s [custody evaluators] and [minors attorney’s] recommend custody to [abusive fathers] and the nation’s divorce court judges award custody to [abusive fathers] based on [parental alienation], court ordering protective mothers [supervised visits] or [no contact].

    Children have no power, no voice, and do not get to choose one parent over the other. [Minors attorney’s, custody evaluators and judges] decide that. Abuse cases…are [wrongly] labeled parental alienation or [high conflict] cases.


    1. Hadassah Weinstein

      “The one thing [good fit mothers] that lose custody have in common is [they] have an [abuse case]. ”
      That’s because only ABUSERS sue for custody (in most cases). A loving Dad does not try to rip kids away from their Mom. Abusers sue to force Mom to return to him or to punish Mom by taking away her children. Sociopath Abusers cannot allow their victims to escape but are driven to destroy their lives. What better way to destroy your Ex then by taking away her children.


      1. 24hrsamonth

        Ah so very true. I have been fighting my case for 8 years now. I am fresh out of money and can’t stomach the BS that flys out of their mouths. My children were taken away from me by a man who is a master manipulator. I see my children 24 hours a MONTH! I could go on and on however my point being, I am blessed to have found this site and find it most helpful on all fronts.


  4. Sharon

    Good to see your miracle is truly coming to pass…must be hard on the child reps’ gut n grab
    war plans…seems her magic slippers are melting.

    You go, girl!


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sharon

    Nice to see your miracle in the making coming in small increments. You are an awesome Mom and we stand back in amazement watching how the gut n grab child rep’s magic slippers are melting….keep on keepin on Lady High Octane ….we love your spunk.


  6. Alex Ship

    I am a targeted Mom. They misuse an old substance abuse (18 years old) history and bogus mental health manipulated evaluations to muddy the issue ….. I hurt over my children every single day. They are in the hands of very smart meth-users and sex freaks (is that redundant?). Violent people who know how to wear a convincing mask. I was fit. they are NOT. Cant get justice. And my life is a nightmare every single day. Its gotten worse in the 40 days if that is even possible. No one normal would believe what is hapepening to me. I am being denied “proof” by medical professionals and laboratory personnel. DONT Pee on my leg and tell me its raining. You give me some peace knowing it has happened to you too. I am sorry ..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. asmith539

      Its been 6 years for me. Last year he beat our oldest son. The judge said even though it was in the best interests for the kids to come live with me, he was giving them back to the convicted abuser of woman and children. I am feeling like I’m losing my mind. My heart is broken.


  7. Sharon

    It’s obvious why parental alienaters try to stop you from posting, as shown in #4 in the previous article. They don’t want to be exposed. When the odds are against you, our Mighty God is FOR you. Let’s expect a Miracle !

    Liked by 1 person


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