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Dr. Daniel Fisher’s Misconduct, With Michael Volpe

Dr. Daniel Fisher’s Misconduct, with Michael Volpe

“When a court ordered professional begins working for one side, as Dr. Fisher clearly was in this case, it is the worst of both worlds. You have a hired gun with the veneer of independence. It is something I have seen and documented repeatedly. Dr. Stanton Samenow, not only in Chris Mackney’s case, would come in as a so-called independent arbiter but end up communicating, and often being paid, exclusively with one side. He would pretend as though his so-called expert opinion was objective while being bought and paid for and that’s what it appears happened in this case as well. Not only with Dr. Fisher, but Natalie Koga and others in this case. The veneer of independence is one of many reasons why I believe all court ordered professionals should be outlawed immediately. They are not merely a waste of hundreds of thousands of dollars but counter-productive and often actively work to create conflict in cases in order to justify their continued involvement.”Michael Volpe, Author of Bullied To Death: Chris Mackney’s Kafkaesque Divorce

Dr. Fisher was reprimanded by the State of Illinois for similar Dual Role Misconduct in a prior case.  “The foregoing acts and/or omissions are violations of the “Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct”  Fisher_Redacted

The APA Ethics Code Standard 3.05 states that psychologists should refrain from entering into multiple relationships…or otherwise risks exploitation or harm to the person with whom the professional relationship exists.

 It is considered unethical to switch back and forth between an evaluative and psychotherapeutic role,” consultant on the case David Stein, Ph.D., the chair of the Forensic Psychology Committee of the California Psychological Association, wrote in court papers.  

Dual Relationships, Multiple Relationships & Boundary Decisions, Kenneth S. Pope, PhD, AB

Pete Townshend, The Who:  “Now It’s time for some therapy.”

Breaking Free From Being The Family Scapegoat

“Many families who resort to scapegoating are headed by narcissistic parents who lack personal awareness, and empathy for their target, as in their eyes, the target is there to serve their false image and make them look good.  So the purpose of scapegoating is to allow families to carry on unhealthy behavior patterns, and maintain the myth of normalcy, without having to look inward or take responsibility for a toxic environment.  To the outside observer – and possibly the Scapegoat – these families seem crazy making and delusional.”


Great site on Dr. Karen Huffer and LAS or Litigation Abuse Syndrome (ha, I wonder if there is anything left to the ARDC rule that no one can malign or impugn a judge after that one.  If a lawyer just types in this website, are they liable?  my, times are a changing.  take note, Mr. Larkin and your alleged staff of competent litigators)

and here is another story of corruption in probate in Los Angeles, Cal, this time by a police officer.  No one is immune.

I wonder why they never have any CLE (Continuing Legal Education) on either Corruption in the Courts (how many videos have I posted on that one) or on Litigation Abuse Syndrome even though just about every lawyer knows it exists and can take an intelligent, capable and extremely competent, successful client from a position of power and authority into a blithering idiot, nearly incapable of getting out of bed every day to face the…

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