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Judge’s official position

Illinois Child Representatives and GALs

Protest outside Daley Center Courthouse, Chicago 8-12-11, Regarding Injustices in Family Court & Probate Court, See: Protest outside Daley Center Courthouse, Chicago 8-12-11, Regarding Injustices in Family Court & Probate Court, See:

The following are comments from Judge Dickler, Presiding Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County Domestic Relations Division at a meeting of the Illinois State Bar Association Family Law Division on June 11th, 2012, in regards to court-appointed child representatives (CRs) and guardian ad litems (GALs)

[Address of Daley Center = 50 West Washington, Chicago, IL  60602]

Dickler, Grace G. Presiding Judge

Domestic Relations,

Daley Center Rm.1901-A

312 603-6556

No job is more important in our division than ensuring that the children of divorce are protected. (In reference to CRs/GALs.)

The Committee is also reviewing … whether we have a responsibility and whether a procedure should exist for removing inappropriate child representatives from the list.

Now for comments from a lawyer actually dedicated to protecting children

I cannot even believe that they have to determine…

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Targeted Parents & Social Media, PAAO, USA Inc

How many of you have been backed into a corner, while bullies and mercenaries in family court assist your abusive spouse in taking away your own Heartsong? Your precious child? And you feel like you must continually keep the “high ground”. Don’t stoop to that level. Don’t be, God forbid, an alienating parent. Well, what do we tell our kids down the road later, when they (maybe) learn the truth about the lies and maneuvers? Many of these kids say “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THE TRUTH!” Yes, our kids deserve to hear OUR truth. The truth about ourselves, and our devoted love to them. They deserve to have the record set straight about us. Being a Targeted parent makes us walk on eggshells all the time, in order to try harder, be better, try to measure up, to miss a never ending barrage of loaded, toxic missiles. But we are not perfect, nor should we ever expect ourselves to be!!! And we must not be silent!!!!!



Wendy Archer, November 9, 2013 at 9:19am

Do you know a child or young adult who is alienated from one of their parents?  If so, are you “friends” with the parent who has a relationship with the alienated child or young adult also known as the favored parent?  Does this favored parent say to you “The reason *child’s name* doesn’t talk to *other parent* is because *other parent* posts about them and posts about parental alienation on social media.  If the other parent didn’t post anything about them or about parental alienation on social media, then they would talk to the other parent.”

If you know an alienated child and are friends with the favored (alienating) parent, you’ve probably heard this and it might have even sounded reasonable to you. You might have thought “Gee, that sounds…

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