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Using Critical Thinking Skills

I hope you will use your immense critical thinking skills.  Think carefully about what is truly to your benefit. Embrace all that is good, deep within you.  In looking at the options before you, think of how some of these options might actually be of benefit to somebody else.  Be cautious when there is money involved – it changes people.  Certain systems by their nature, are perpetuated by conflict and divisions.  While somebody may be acting like a helper, if they also act in another role, as part of the system, it places them in a  conflict of interest.  They may or may not always be acting in our best interests, due to the conflict they are under.  Many people make a living off of situations like the one we find ourselves in.  It is important that we pay attention to these matters.

Look deep inside you for your own truth – that is where you will find all of the answers you need.  Deep within you is your own love.  We must never stop thinking critically.  We must never stop thinking for ourselves.  Deep inside you are all the answers you need.  Love, Mom

A Lifetime of Words

A grandmother is too precious to lose – somebody who took care of you as a baby, a toddler, a young child. Time waits for no one. Reach out. Take a chance. See past somebody else’s hate. This is YOUR life!!! This is YOUR GRANDMOTHER!!!!!

From Torn 2 Pieces 2 Peace

Following the cobblestone walkway to her front door on Cape Cod, I am marveling at the fact that at ninety years old she is still living on her own.  I am about to ring the doorbell when she pulls the door open and stands before me, small but steady on her feet. Her eyes show joy at my arrival, and I bend slightly to embrace her. After so many years of absence, I have found my way back to this grandmother who loves me.

IMG_1230This is becoming familiar, a pattern, this reconnection every few years. This time I vow to stay in touch better. She is all I have left from that before life, and she is always waiting for me to come back, my mother’s mother. We are connected not only through blood, but through terrible loss. In the before life she was my loving grandmother, providing stability and…

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Kelly Rutherford joined by Christie Brinkley, Hosting Inaugural benefit for the Children’s Justice Campaign


‘This is why I started the Children’s Justice Campaign, along with co-founder Patrice Lenowitz. It’s really to educate people about what’s really going on – if you bankrupt the mother before she can appeal and before you send her children to a foreign country, then she’s forced to just focus on trying to figure out how to see her children.

‘To appeal a case like mine, it takes an enormous amount of time, and if there is anything even minimally wrong with the way the appeal is done, they can throw it out. Caring parents go in wanting what’s best for the kids and are willing to negotiate, [but the way the system has been set up] is not
in the best interest of the kids.’

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