Dr. Daniel Fisher & The Litigation Therapy Racket w/ Michael Volpe

David Pasulka, Chicago’s “Sex For Custody” lawyer, headed secret list of GAL’s & Child Reps, arrested/stripped of law license after IL ARDC ignored years of complaints.

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UPDATE:  Corrupt Child Representative Natalie Koga, along with Judge Alfred Levinson & lawyer Elliott Heidelberger all abruptly, simultaneously gave up their lucrative lawyer & judge posts in Chicago to avoid investigation. Meg Jackson, who Koga was caught conspiring with, changed her name to “Mary Elizabeth” & moved her law practice to Lake County, Illinois.  Koga found a County Social Worker/Guardian job in Arizona.  Though no longer licensed,  she still lists herself as a lawyer in Chicago.  Just hope Koga finds something else to do besides terrorizing mothers and children.” A Chicago lawyer familiar with the case

MikeVolpe“When a court ordered professional begins working for one side, as Dr. Fisher clearly was in this case, it is the worst of both worlds. You have a hired gun with the veneer of independence. It is something I have seen and documented repeatedly. Dr. Stanton Samenow, not only in Chris Mackney’s case, would come in as a so-called independent arbiter but end up communicating, and often being paid, exclusively with one side. He would pretend as though his so-called expert opinion was objective while being bought and paid for and that’s what it appears happened in this case as well.”

“Not only with Dr. Fisher, but Natalie Koga and others in this case. The veneer of independence is one of many reasons why I believe all court ordered professionals should be outlawed immediately. They are not merely a waste of hundreds of thousands of dollars but counter-productive and often actively work to create conflict in cases in order to justify their continued involvement.”Michael Volpe, Author of Bullied To Death: Chris Mackney’s Kafkaesque Divorce

Dr. Fisher was reprimanded by the State of Illinois for Dual Role Misconduct in a prior case.  “The foregoing acts and/or omissions are violations of the “Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct”  Fisher_Redacted

The APA Ethics Code Standard 3.05 states that “psychologists should refrain from entering into multiple relationships…or otherwise risks exploitation or harm to the person with whom the professional relationship exists.”  But exploitation and harm is the strategy for these court shrinks for hire.

 It is considered unethical to switch back and forth between an evaluative and psychotherapeutic role,” David Stein, Ph.D., chair of the Forensic Psychology Committee of the California Psychological Association.

As a treating therapist, it was against the law for Dr. Fisher to take on multiple roles.  But he used this as spring-board, becoming an unofficial parenting coordinator, custody evaluator, and suddenly in charge of all of the parties court ordered “therapy”.  Dr. Fisher already had a prior license sanction for the same misconduct in another case. Fisher_Redacted

tumblr_mu9qdnUdpk1rw872io4_500We survivors of Therapist Abuse by these court shrinks for hire by the highest bidder, know full well the severe trauma when these so-called “professionals” – the lawyers, court doctors, court therapists and hired gun evaluators –  trap and re-traumatize us in their lucrative litigation therapy racket.

Forcing a trauma victim to sit in their office re-living traumatic memories against their will,  while they bill by the hour, scribbling their notes, writing false reports for corrupt Child Reps, Guardian Ad Litems, and guns for hire custody evaluators.

Because the victims of this racket are court-ordered to be there.  They did not choose these low rung of the ladder providers with sanctions on their licenses for themselves.  How convenient for them to have such an endless supply of guaranteed paying clients, provided by family court. The truth of the matter is, they need you trapped, or they won’t have a job.

Dr. Daniel Fisher, who wrote Natalie Koga’s made to order false reports, repeated his mantra, in his saccharin-sweet, pretending to care “therapist” voice:  “How’s your “therapy” going?”  Probing for anything to pounce on, all the while, working for the other side. 

RollingMeadowsCtAnd who could ever forget Dr. Fisher’s disturbing, cringe-worthy performance for a packed courtroom during one of his several days of false testimony!

Bizarrely, finishing his star turn on the witness stand, taking center stage while raising his chest into a stiff military posture,  he faced my ex-husband directly.  Then, with a grand flourish, GAVE HIM A FULL MILITARY SALUTE RIGHT IN THE FRONT OF THE COURTROOM! 

He remained “at attention” for a full two seconds, then suddenly remembering himself, flustered, looking down, eyes darting about.  My ex-husband beamed with delight as Dr. Fisher tottered off  the “stage”.

He should have bowed and curtsied too!   This, my friends, is one of the many ways the players in the litigation therapy racket show their true colors, and why Cook County Chicago will not allow videotaped transcripts.

Dr. Fisher also forced someone in my family to undergo court-ordered treatment by Dr. Jonathan Gamze, who is on indefinite probation, and had his controlled substance license revoked by the State of Illinois.  Dr.GamzeStateOfIllinoisProbationLicenseRevokeOrder

His license sanctions undoubtedly caused Dr. Gamze to be dropped by insurance panels.  I couldn’t afford cash upfront for his so-called “services”, and requested repeatedly a provider that took insurance.  Dr. Fisher actually looked me in the eye, and told me that “Dr. Gamze is the ONLY doctor I will work with”He was hell-bent on taking care of his buddy, over-stepping the law, and forced this family member to be Gamze’s patient, another victim trapped in their litigation therapy racket. 

When I told Dr. Gamze this was not financially possible, he simply responded that “I would not actually have to see this patient”, that we could “tell him over the phone” how he was doing on the medications he prescribed – medications that he was no longer licensed to prescribe!  He made this statement in the presence of Natalie Koga, Child Representative, AND Dr. Fisher.  Koga MADE SURE this family member was court ordered to be exploited and abused medically by Dr. Fisher and Dr. Gamze, in violation of her fiduciary duties.  This was criminal conduct by all of them working together – taking back-scratching to a whole new level.

As hired gun crazy-makers, these “therapists” don’t encourage you to speak your own truth with confidence.   An empowered victim is the LAST thing they want.

forest-bathing-2-e1556293782134They don’t want you to walk on the beach, go to the woods, garden, go barefoot savoring the cool grass between your toes, rest, laugh, make art, further your education, work on your career, or just take a healthy break from abusive talk therapy used against you in false reports paid for by the other side –  or anything else that challenges their power and control over their cash cows

They have no interest in your well being.  They are not encouragers.  That would be counter-productive to the racket.

You see, just like Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, they aren’t in it to empower people to connect with their own inner strength.  They aren’t in this helping profession to helpThey are in it to harvest victims.

Their JOB is to Gaslight the victim.  To put them off balance – to mess with their heads.  To re-traumatize them.

To manufacture a “crazy label” for the victim in their Kids for Cash scam.  Hiding abuse, and keeping it going is big business.  And if they could, they would keep their cash cows trapped in their litigation therapy racket forever.  



2 thoughts on “Dr. Daniel Fisher & The Litigation Therapy Racket w/ Michael Volpe

  1. Michelle

    I am living this nightmare. Every word of this is true and not one bit exaggerated. Family court IS organized crime and the most sadistic, repulsive “organization” I have ever encountered.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AMother'sHeartSongsUnsilenced Post author

      I’m so sorry to hear it. Wishing you and your children well, and that you can somehow protect yourselves from these depraved parasites. You are right, it is organized crime. They are glorified thugs with titles and suits. But the Mafia would never treat mothers and children like this. Sending HUGS for strength.



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