A Summary of My Case: Corruption, Legal/Financial Abuse, Maternal Deprivation, Elder Abuse, Cyber-stalking/Threats


Excerpts from emails sent to me for over a year:

Sadly, cancer just isn’t (in)humane enough and it isn’t gonna work. I’m sure there are many alternatives for your consideration. One old standby that practically everyone is familiar with is hanging. Almost everyone knows how to tie a knot. Rope is easy to find, and much more definite…It should be easy for you to figure this whole suicide thing out…I think drop hanging would be preferable to suspension based hanging due to your prodigious weight, lack of dexterity, and longstanding disinclination towards physical labor. It’s easier!”  Cyber-Stalking & Threats


It seems like only yesterday, our beautiful life.  “I love you, Mom. You’re the best Mom in the whole world! Thanks for everything you do for me, Mom.”  I loved being Mom to my Son.  Ours was an extremely close and joyous relationship.  I was a very loving, hands-on, full-time Mom, running a private music teaching studio at home in order to be there for my child and attend to his special needs, after a professional singing & college music teaching career.  There was much fun and laughter, sharing our own unique, quirky sense of humor.  Caring for all our creatures together – tadpoles, fish, turtles, toads, frogs, snakes, dogs, tending garden, making Legos, bedtime stories, blanket forts, camping & roasting hot dogs, Cub Scouts, Pinewood Derby, swim lessons, slumber parties, homework, music & art, school conferences, hand-made treasures from my sweet son, rocks, bugs & feathers found and given with wonder, catching fireflies after fireworks, and of course lots of hugs and kisses.  What parent, no matter how old their children are, cannot still feel their children’s arms wrapped around their neck in a warm hug or their small hand clasped gently in their own, even decades later, along with thousands of irreplaceable, magical memories.

heartBut our beautiful life was stolen from us.  An innocent child was forced to finish growing up without his Mother, while I went from the Mom expected to do everything by a mostly absent father, to not allowed to even send a Birthday or Christmas card.

I am an Educator in good standing, never arrested or convicted of any crime, with no substance abuse, mental illness or any wrong-doing. My mental health evaluation states the extended litigation, financial abuse & separation from my child caused me harm.  nadig-051915-ltrsfromcounselingcenter

There are no findings against me by DCFS. However, DCFS found that my ex-husband set up multiple false DCFS investigations, of which the Child Representative and the Court were aware. This was documented in the 604 and 604(b) custody evaluations by the highly respected Dr. David Finn. (604 custody evaluations are NOT chosen or appointed by either parent, the opposite of a hired gun psychologist hired by one parent.)

How did a group of Chicago lawyers exploit my wealthy, elderly, ill father living 150 miles away on our four generation family farm while terrorizing me through a tangled web of corruption, lies & deceit in the Cook County court system?  The goal?  Steal my only, irreplaceable child along with my share of our four-generation, multi-million dollar Family Farm Trust.  (Though I am absolutely delighted that it provides for my child’s education anywhere he chooses.)

What was their strategy?  A fraudulent, abusive litigation-vortex to run me out of money for an attorney, and finally switch custody, in order to “convince” (read: Exploit) my elderly, ill father that I somehow “deserved it.”  Elder Abuse/Financial Exploitation of this very high dollar amount is a Class 1 Felony.  Elder Abuse Statute, Illinois

sadteddybearIt’s against the law to continue filing endless custody motions within less than two years of custody being decided.  This is to protect children from the extreme stress of being placed in the middle of custody battles!  But Natalie Koga, Child Representative, didn’t care about the law, or my son’s need for peace and stability and repeatedly asked the judge to bend the rules to allow my ex-husband to file EIGHT petitions for Custody, forcing my son and I into abusive litigation that lasted over six years, with countless harassing motions and delays so I would run out of money for legal representation.   Many hearings were set at the last minute so I would lose income.  Custody would no sooner be decided in my favor, when he would charge back into court with ever new and shifting allegations.  This made it impossible to earn a living. Verbal and emotional abuse, and physical intimidation by the attorneys became customary.

My poor child was forced to be constant fodder for Koga, my ex-husband’s fake-oath-made-dishonest-woman-lawyer-witness-behind-her-back-isolated-white-background-60101825parade of six unscrupulous attorneys and unethical court shrinks churning and charging the case.  It is well-documented that Domestic Abusers with access to money use the legal system to continue the abuse once the victim leaves.  And there is no shortage of unethical bottom-feeders harvesting victims to trap in their Litigation-Therapy Racket.

Koga violated her ethical duties AND the law regarding Child Representatives.   The law required her to promote mediation but she did the opposite because it was lucrative for her and her buddies.  “The child representative shall…encourage settlement and the use of alternative forms of dispute resolution.”   Illinois Statute, Child Reps

The child representative shall not render an opinion, recommendation, or report to the court and shall not be called as a witness, but shall offer evidence-based legal arguments.” from Illinois Statute, Child Reps   But she did all these things, to support my ex-husband’s hate campaign to erase me completely from my son’s life.

At times when my ex-husband was about to erupt into one of his frequent, frightening rages, she would step next to him to quiet him in order to conceal it from the court.   She refused to submit bills for court review.  She told blatant, horrific lies at nearly every court appearance.  She concealed from the court not only the abuse my son was suffering, but also his school records, which harmed him greatly.  She engaged in wildly inappropriate behavior by forcing my son to hug her, by interfering with his medical treatment as reported by his Doctors, and assisted in the parental alienation by disparaging me in front of my son.  This was abusive and illegal. 

Koga should have been discharged as Child Rep at the entry of the Divorce/Custody Judgment in early 2012.  But at the last moment she demanded to “stay on free of charge”.  This was her opportunity to churn and charge the case, and push relentlessly for my ex-husband’s twisted campaign.  After they finally erased me from my child’s life, lo and behold, suddenly she produced an enormous bill when she was supposedly pro bono, and continued adding to it!  Judge Levinson simply rubber-stamped her erroneous bill at the very last moment, just as he allowed all of her other illegal shenanigans.  Michael Volpe’s Analysis of My Case

No system of care in America creates more devastation than the legal system. All but the wealthy are priced out of taking their cases to a point of closure.”  Dr. Karin Huffer  Legal Abuse Syndrome, Dr. Karin Huffer

There was no Evidentiary Hearing –  THEY DID NOT SUBMIT ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL!  A No Contact Order was quickly scrawled in a hastily convened “Emergency Hearing”, (I received an e-mail at 4:45 pm summoning me to a hearing the following morning at 9 am.)  My legal rights to respond, get an attorney, present evidence, request Discovery or even speak were denied.  The means? Fraud On The Court through an outside attorney (paid for by my ex-husband) with no legal standing to appear, in violation of the law.  He claimed to have “evidence”, which he “demonstrated” in a sleazy, theatrical, over-the-top Pantomime, but never actually presented.

Koga also presented one of Dr. Fisher’s countless false reports written at her request.  He apparently thought he know more than the police who had already investigated and found no wrong-doing on my part.  Fisher is a mandated reporter.  If he really believed his false report he would have been legally required to report me to DCFS but he did not.  Why?  Because DCFS would have investigated and found the allegations to be false, as they already had several times before! Dr. Daniel Fisher’s Misconduct, With Michael Volpe

Within fifteen minutes, I went from Mother, Primary Caretaker and Sole Custodian, to losing most of my parental rights, not even allowed to send a Christmas or Birthday Card.  This “proceeding” consisted of me standing alone, not allowed to even speak, while my ex-husband and three lawyers shouted a bizarre, incoherent stream of insane insults and hearsay.  That was it.  No evidence proffered at all.  Months later I finally got to view this “evidence” they supposedly had – a single, darkened murky cell-phone photo that had clearly been doctored.  Convicted felons have more legal rights than I did.

I believed in our American justice system.  But I learned that for too many family courts across Court-Corruption-480pxthe country,  it’s KIDS FOR CASH.  I’ve been contacted by many respectable, decent people from across the country who report the same cruel tactics to make huge fortunes from the pain and suffering of innocent people like my son and myself, endlessly routed and re-routed through this court insiders’ criminal money-making machine.  I’ve done court watch where glib attorneys handed bribes to giddy Guardian ad Litems right out in open court when the judge was off the bench.  They didn’t even bother trying to hide it!

BribesFCShrinks with sanctions on their licenses were brought late into the case by Natalie Koga – her strategy to override the findings of one of the most highly respected custody evaluators in the state, Dr. David Finn’s evaluation recommending custody to me, with findings of Pathological Parental Alienation, Domestic Violence and family exploitation against my ex-husband.

Koga brought in Dr. Daniel P. Fisher, psychologist of Oak Brook, IL,  with sanctions on his license, Dr. Daniel Fisher’s Misconduct, With Michael Volpe, and Psychiatrist, Jonathan Gamze, MD, Arlington Hts., IL, whose controlled substance license was revoked and placed on indefinite probation  Dr. Jonathan Gamze Misprescribing/Overprescribing Drugs.  These disreputable court vendors would do Koga’s bidding in writing the false reports she demanded.

Our original providers were caring, ethical and competent, and of course, had no sanctions on their licenses, but Koga got rid of them because they refused to write false reports for her.  They all reported to me how she would call them up trying to get them to write false reports about me!

When I could no longer afford an attorney, I stood alone, mute, not allowed to present cropped-blind_justice_thumb_400x453.jpgevidence, while Koga and opposing counsel #6 Meg Jackson, stood together, insulting me, lying, all the while laughing, too many times to count.  There was a period of about one year where I was forced into court monthly, completely alone, after they dragged the case out so much to run me out of money for a lawyer.  They thought depriving a child of his Mother while demeaning her in public was amusing.  Judge Alfred Levinson joined them in taking twisted pleasure in the cruel charade.

At Koga’s request, illegal Orders were written that were impossible to comply with; the goal was to find me in Contempt of Court, with four failed attempts to throw me in jail.  A modern-day Kafka novel – double bind after double bind, nothing made sense, with intertwined lawyers and mental health vendors willing to do just about anything as long as the checks cleared.  All the while salivating over my childhood home in Jo Daviess County, Illinois.

The best barometer of the tone and intent of this case is evident in my07d21cdead32e6a1b808ad77e8f6d560 ex’s attorney Meg Jackson’s vicious email sent LESS THAN ONE DAY after my elderly, ill father passed away at our family farm  – 150 MILES AWAY FROM JUDGE LEVINSON’S ROLLING MEADOWS, IL COURTROOM – TRYING TO BULLY ME INTO NOT ATTENDING MY OWN FATHER’S FUNERAL!   Since when do divorce lawyers have any business trying to decide who goes to private family funerals?

Meg Jackson was an abusive bully whose menacing fits of rage and physical intimidation were clearly designed not only to intimidate me, but also to compensate for her woeful lack of knowledge of the law and court procedure.  She yelled in court that I was a brazen woman for requesting family therapy COVERED BY INSURANCE, as I  couldn’t afford $2,000/month medical expenses, and out in the corridor before court, my court watch heard Meg Jackson say: “We’re going to take her down and take EVERYTHING from her.”  

Yet Dr. Finn had recommended that my ex-husband be stopped from using our child to insert himself into my family!  But Koga actively fought Dr. Finn’s recommendations to protect our child and stop exploiting my family.

Not only did Koga completely disregard Dr. Finn’s 604 Custody Evaluation findings, but Medical Doctors also reported she refused to listen to their reports that my ex was abusing our son and concealed those reports from the court.  This too is a crime!

And then there’s the eye-witness account of  Koga’s corruption – colluding with opposing counsel #6 Meg Jackson to persuade Dr. Mark Goldstein, (my ex’s hired gun evaluator) to defame my character in his report and switch custody.  Natalie Koga Confronted With Eye-Witness To Her Corruption  

The Child Rep who was supposed to be impartial and communicate equally with both parents, regularly texted and met with my ex-husband, while refusing to communicate with me.  mehdipourtexts – Reza Mehdipour August Text    Koga entered and exited the courtroom and sat next to every single one of his attorneys.

This vicious legal bullying, where the destruction of innocent people is entertaining and the truth meaningless is deeply traumatic and should never be allowed to happen to anyone.  Ever.  And then I understood how Chris Mackney, and so many others have been bullied to death in family court. MackNeySuicideNote  But I hung on, not for myself, but for my beloved child.  I will continue to call for reform, accountability, and oversight for Guardian ad Litems, Child Representatives, Judges, lawyers, and court vendors.

At age 52, Natalie Koga has voluntarily withdrawn her law license.  It is interesting that much of the cyberstalking & harassment was used to try to manipulate me to take this website down. But I will never be silenced and will continue to speak out about the devastation of Legal Abuse and Maternal Deprivation, and the highly-lucrative abuse cottage industry operating in our nation’s “family” courts. 

Just hope Natalie Koga finds something else to do, instead of terrorizing mothers and children.” –A Chicago Attorney

It is also quite interesting that Meg Jackson, (opposing counsel #6 who was caught colluding with Natalie Koga) also no longer practices law, and has been scrubbed from the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission website!

Screen shot from the Illinois Attorney’s Registration & Disciplinary Commission Website:

Screenshot (250)