Dr. Jonathan Gamze Misprescribing/Overprescribing Drugs

State of Illinois Gamze Disciplinary Order

#nataliekoga #exposethecorruption

David Pasulka, “Sex For Custody Lawyer” headed secret list of GAL’s & Child Reps in Chicago arrested/stripped of law license after IL ARDC ignored years of complaints.

UPDATE:  Corrupt Child Representative Natalie Koga, along with Judge Alfred Levinson & lawyer Elliott Heidelberger all abruptly, simultaneously gave up their lucrative lawyer & judge posts in Chicago to avoid investigation. Meg Jackson, who Koga was caught conspiring with, changed her name to “Mary Elizabeth” & moved her law practice to Lake County, Illinois.  Koga found a County Social Worker/Guardian job in Arizona; she still lists herself as a lawyer in Chicago, though she’s no longer licensed. “Just hope Koga can find something else to do besides terrorizing mothers and children.”–A Chicago lawyer familiar with the case.

Meanwhile, David Pasulka, Cook County’s once powerful “Sex For Custody” lawyer who headed the lucrative secret list of Guardian ad Litems & Child Reps in Cook Co. has finally been arrested and stripped of his law licenses, after the IL ARDC ignored several years of grievances filed. Sunlight truly is the best disinfectant.

Dr. Jonathan Gamze, Specializes in Psychiatry, Sanction-Probation & Controlled Substance License Revoked

  • Misprescribing or Overprescribing Drugs  (9/14/2015)
  • Action Taken: Revocation, Surrender, Suspension of Controlled Substance License
  • Summary: Gamze, Jonathan C MD: License # 036078450: NATURE OF COMPLAINT: The physician failed to properly prescribe medications to a patient of his practice. ACTION TAKEN: The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation placed the physician’s license on indefinite PROBATION for a minimum of three years and the physician’s controlled substance license on indefinite SUSPENSION.
  • ILLINOIS   HealthGrades – Dr. Jonathan Gamze License Sanction Information

From Louis Brandeis’ Other People’s Money, Ch. V – “Other People’s Money”

What Publicity Can Do: “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.” #exposethecorruption

1 thought on “Dr. Jonathan Gamze Misprescribing/Overprescribing Drugs

  1. Elizabeth B.

    Our child was forced to be treated by Dr. Gamze through the Cook County Family Court litigation-therapy racket. We already had a high quality, ethical provider for our child, with NO sanctions on his license, who regularly monitored our child’s response to the medications prescribed in a professional & proper manner. However, Dr. Daniel Fisher & Child Representative Natalie Koga, made sure that our child was forced, by court order, to see his buddy Dr. Gamze instead. Gamze had been dropped from insurance panels due to license sanctions, and only accepted cash upfront. In a meeting with the child rep Natalie Koga & Dr. Fisher present, I stated to Dr. Gamze I couldn’t afford that, he looked me directly in the eye and said “he doesn’t have to be seen in the office. you can tell me over the phone how he’s doing”. Dr. Gamze violated his medical and ethical duties to my child through this negligence. AND, he also prescribed medications that he was no longer licensed to prescribe with the knowledge and approval of child representative Natalie Koga and Dr. Daniel Fisher. Cronyism, profiteering, medical neglect & exploitation-their specialties, at the expense of a child.



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