Child Rep Natalie Koga Confronted With Eye-Witness To Her Corruption

Erasing Mom for Profit:  Ever wondered what family court corruption in Cook County Chicago really looks like?  Natalie Koga didn’t even bother with a pretense of impartiality and professionalism in Judge Levinson’s Rolling Meadows Cook County courtroom. 

Letter from my former attorney Karen Conti to Natalie Koga, Child Representative, dated August 23, 2013. Confronts her with eye-witness to her collusion with my ex’s lawyer Meg Jackson (now going by “Mary-Elizabeth”), to have my ex’s hired gun Dr. Mark Goldstein write a false report about me.  Ms. Conti was my attorney before their legal/financial abuse ran me out of money to continue to afford legal representation.

Dear Natalie:

Although I have just recently become involved in this case, I am concerned with some of your actions which I have witnessed and of which I have become aware.

First, at the last court appearance, my friend was sitting on a bench outside the courtroom and overheard you speaking to Meg Jackson (Father’s) attorney (Now “Mary-Elizabeth” Jackson).  You obviously did not know he was my friend.  You and Meg (Mary-Elizabeth) Jackson were actively engaged in joining forces against my client and making comments about getting Dr. Goldstein, (Father’s Hired Gun Psychologist) involved to ‘help out’ the problem; the problem being Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour’s desire to be a mother to her child.  Your disparagement of me personally was also noted which is unprofessional and petty.

Despite the 604(b) evaluator’s two reports finding that (Father) is an alienator and that (Mother) should have sole custody, you have ignored these facts and blindly advocated that (minor child) spend as little time as possible with his mother.  At trial, you vigorously fought Dr. Finn’s recommendations.  Bizarrely, in court you advocated that (minor child) be put into “after school” care rather than be allowed to have the option to walk the four blocks to spend time with his mother.  Even after Judge Levinson ordered that (Minor Child) attend (High School), and (Father) attempted to sabotage his enrollment, you did not advocate for actions necessary for him to attend school there.  On August 22, (minor child) refused to leave the (public library) to come home with his Mother and said “Stay away from me.  You are not allowed to be with me.  I have spoken with my attorney.”  If you did, in fact, advise (Minor Child) of that, you have violated all ethical duties as a child representative and attorney.  Why haven’t you been involved in resolving this problem and encouraging your client that it is better to spend three hours after school at his mother’s house than sitting in a public library?

My client advises me of the following additional facts:

You have encouraged (Minor Child) to call you whenever he disagrees with what his mother says or when he does not get his way and then you refuse to communicate with Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour despite the fact that she is the legal custodian.  By doing this, you are encouraging disrespect of parental boundaries and assisting in the alienation that has already been established by Dr. Finn.  Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour has repeatedly asked for a more orderly means of communication but you have refused to respond.

Dr. Hummel noted that you crossed professional boundaries at (Hospital) interfering with (Minor Child’s) (medical) care.  In August, 2011, you engaged in wildly inappropriate physical contact with (Minor Child) by forcing him to hug you.

Since September, 2010, you have refused to communicate with Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour, who has historically been the primary caretaker and the sole legal custodian.  The vast majority of conferences and telephone calls with (minor child) have occurred only when he was with Mr. Mehdipour.

At Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour’s request, you interviewed Dr. Naila Wilcox-Avery, and Dr. Rodney Avery. who told you that they had concerns that (Father) was physically abusing (Minor Child) and coaching him to make false abuse allegations against Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour.  Those doctors have reported that your refused to listen to their concerns.

You have been disrespectful and rude to (Mother) in the presence of (Minor child) and have attempted to interfere with (Minor Child’s) medical treatment by telling him, “Your mom shouldn’t take you for these assessments.”  You told (Minor Child)  “I’ll yell at your mom and make her a better mom to you.

You failed to communicate with therapist Stephanie Simpson for 11 months even though Ms. Simpson attempted to contact you repeatedly.  Rather than speaking to Ms. Simpson., you filed a Rule To Show Cause against Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour.

I have not seen you once make a negative comment about (Father) despite findings that he is abusive, an alienator, and a parent who sabotages his child’s education.  Strangely, you have nothing but negative things to say about Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour.  While I have not always agreed with GALS and Child Representatives, I have never seen one who is so actively opposed to one parent’s involvement in parenting, despite her having sole custody.

I am told that you are not being paid.  It defies logic that you are still so actively and aggressively involved despite this fact.  Please assure me as an officer of the Court that neither (Father) nor anyone else on his behalf is paying you.  Also, assure me that you are not going to use your offices to contact (Minor Child’s) high school and poison them against Ms. Nadig-Mehdipour.  I do not see that you have any reason to contact them.  You are not a parent and have no business asserting your will into this family’s issues.


Karen Conti

A Summary of My Case: Corruption, Financial/Legal Abuse, Elder Abuse, Maternal Deprivation, Cyber-stalking/Threats

Lawyers and Judges Retire to Make Misconduct Investigations Disappear

Child Rep Natalie Koga Confronted With Eye-Witness To Her Corruption


13 thoughts on “Child Rep Natalie Koga Confronted With Eye-Witness To Her Corruption

  1. Dawn

    My divorce and custody began with Judge Levinson who appointed Caryl Jacob Gabes to be my attorney who requested Natalie Koga to be my daughters GAL after picture proof abuse was reported. My ex moved us into his EX step mother’s home then kicked me out, placed an EOP after hiding my daughter from me. We are still dealing with abuse 5 years later and no one with the power to help seems to want to even look at evidence due to lack of funds. I cant AFFORD to protect my child. We need help and I keep fighting and hoping to be heard one day.


  2. Donja Bunnell

    How about financially? She needs the people she’s hurt to go after her. Sometimes, these parasites only pay attention to TWO things. Money and their image being hurt. I would do both. I would sue in court because you can do this. The other thing I would do is go after her in the media. Which is what I am doing to the people who have done this to me. I am going after them financially and in the media as well. I’ve found out how to use the Freedom of Information Act to my advantage. It is amazing the information that you can get your hands on…. Also make sure to get your hands on “Motherless America” by Doreen Ludwig.

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  3. gayoperadude

    I don’t know if my last comment was posted. Any attorneys or judges accepting bribes to be partial to one or the other parents should be fired, loose their license to practice law anywhere and go to jail. I encourage mom’s to ban together to bring these corrupt attorneys and judges to justice.

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  4. gayoperadude

    The fact that an attorney hired by one parent would accept a bribe from another parent to work against the parent that hired them is the highest form of reprehensible! Attorneys like this should loose their license to practice and should be sent to prison. This isn’t acceptable and I encourage mom’s to ban together and bring corrupt judges and attorneys to justice


  5. Peter

    It is appalling how people like Natalie Koga and others use their appointments as Child Reps and Guardian ad Litems as a license to lie and steal, without impunity, complete disregard for the law governing their professions, and destroy so many innocent children and families. There is a growing movement to implement true accountability and oversight over these lawyers who consistently run amok with the court’s blessing. They must be stopped for the good of all society and the human race.

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    1. AMother'sHeartSongsUnsilenced Post author

      You are so right. The suffering they create ripples out for generations to come, costs billions of dollars to the economy in lost productivity and medical care costs due to these horrific traumas, and it must be exposed. In the words of Luis Brandeis, American lawyer and associate justice on the Supreme Court of the United States from 1916 to 1939, “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.


      1. Ginny Erickson

        Found this site while looking for a journalist or someone who can shed some light on the GAL system in Cook county and the blatant disregard for truth. Stunning as I sit in court and watch the false accusations that are shouted out by opposing counsel and then to demand a 604 without stating a reason other than the 7 year old is reluctant to have visitation with her father. I have sat in that courtroom and been stunned by the behavior I see and the lack of care about children.


        1. AMother'sHeartSongsUnsilenced Post author

          Ginny, The corruption and abuses in Cook County Family Court are epidemic. I have sat court watch down in the Daley Center, and observed pay-offs to GAL’s right out in open court when the judge was off the bench. If you have a child custody case there, be very diligent, aware, bring witnesses to court, record everything, be very thorough in documenting everything. Also, please visit our Resources pages. You may find information there to protect you from some of the most common tricks and schemes employed by the litigation-therapy racket, particularly as it relates to the common, unethical practice of therapists and other court shrinks engaging in “dual roles”.


  6. Kaylyn

    Unfortunately, countless attorneys with these types of appointments see it as a license to say or do whatever they want because they know there is no oversight or accountability. Mind-bogging that they think nothing of harming children to line their pockets.



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