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Lisa Nadig is a noted figure in the world of classical vocal music in Chicago and beyond, having sung with the Chicago Symphony and numerous other arts organizations. A highly sought-after teacher, she has been a music educator for over 25 years. She received her Master's and Bachelor's of Music degrees from the renowned DePaul University School of Music. She has served on the music faculty for Rockford University, Saint Xavier University and Highland Community College. Lisa is a survivor of prolonged (6+ years), severe and vicious bullying through family court in tandem with financial exploitation of her family farm estate. While silence would be more comfortable, Ms. Nadig made the decision to speak out about the need for immediate change in our national's family courts. An accomplished artist-teacher, Ms. Nadig is uniquely suited to assist as a presenter and speaker in order to effect much-needed change for the benefit of our nation's children.

Dear Judge Lisa Langton of Oakland County Family Court, MI~An Open Letter

LLG Tactical Coaching

Judge Lisa Langton

This Open Letter was submitted to LLG Tactical Coaching from various parents who have been victimized not only by an abusive and/or Cluster B personality disordered spouse but also by Judge Lisa Langton after seeking protection for their children. I have read countless court cases in which Judge Lisa Langton presides, and the cases that I have read all have a very comparable script.

The script usually reads something like this: The survivor of abuse presents documentation proving the XCB was abusive to the ex-spouse and/or child. Judge Lisa Langton regularly punishes the healthy fit parent and the child by drastically restricting the healthy parents parenting time and giving the majority (if not all custody) to the documented abusive XCB. 

If you are a victim of Oakland County Family Court and would like to find support and/or would like to learn how to take action against the corruption please click…

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From GG: More great cases on Fraud on the Court

  1. Who is an “officer of the court”?
    2. What is “fraud on the court”?
    3. What effect does an act of “fraud upon the court” have upon the court proceeding?
    4. What causes the “Disqualification of Judges?”
  2. Who is an “officer of the court”?

A judge is an officer of the court, as well as are all attorneys. A state judge is a state judicial officer, paid by the State to act impartially and lawfully. A federal judge is a federal judicial officer, paid by the federal government to act impartially and lawfully. State and federal attorneys fall into the same general category and must meet the same requirements. A judge is not the court. People v. Zajic, 88 Ill.App.3d 477, 410 N.E.2d 626 (1980).

  1. What is “fraud on the court”?

Whenever any officer of the court commits fraud during a proceeding in the court, he/she is engaged in “fraud…

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Tactics to Maintain Separation of Mother & Child: E-Mail Abuse & Impersonation

How sad, and pathetic really, that some fathers are so desperate to harm their ex-wife, and keep her separated from her child, that they would go so low as to use the son’s e-mail (with some assistance from a more literate “friend”) to try to get her to hang herself.

I recommend asbestos exposure….Asbestos is a simple carcinogen and not a proverbial weapon of mass destruction or some other kind of death sentence. You need something somehow miraculously unregulated and/or easily available and effective. If you want I could set up a fundraiser to provide funding for carcinogen exposure.”

“I think radiation is cool because it’s practically infinite when you get it started and cost efficient! Never mind that it works by itself anyway!”

Please contract a terminal disease at your earliest convenience. I look forward to reading your epitaph, though I won’t be paying for it.”

Sadly, cancer just isn’t humane enough and it isn’t gonna work. I’m sure there are many alternatives for your consideration. One old standby that practically everyone is familiar with is hanging. Almost everyone knows how tie a knot. Rope is easy to find, and much more definite…It should be easy for you to figure this whole suicide thing out.”

“I think drop hanging would be preferable to suspension based hanging due to your prodigious weight, lack of dexterity, and longstanding disinclination towards physical labor. It’s easier!”

From JC: A List of Tactics Corrupt Judges use to Wrongfully Take Children from Protective Parents

I experienced all this and more in Judge Alfred Levinson’s Rolling Meadows courthouse.

Tactics Judges Use to Take your Children
• Judges often meet in Chambers with all Attorney’s, G.A.L’s to make deals without client present. Where no court reporter is present and no audio video proof of what being said.
• Judges will ignore testimony, facts and witnesses
• They will confuse issues in cases
• They will use Courthouse Security Guards to intimidate people, by interrogation or by following you
• They will collude with G.A.L and make decisions without reason or proof, usually an oral reason with no basis or fact
• They will give you no due process
• Frequently ignore the law and your Constitutional rights
• Make biased judgements against a certain party, where the other party will break court orders with full judicial immunity
• Threaten you to sign paperwork under duress without discovery
• Allows certain parties to create Fraud upon the court, “Perjury” while…

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Radio Interview With Michael Volpe, Doreen Ludwig and Witnesses

Radio Interview With Michael Volpe, Doreen Ludwig and Witnesses

The freedom for all network…Blog Talk Radio, The Captain

Noted family court corruption investigative journalists Michael Volpe  & Doreen Ludwig analyze the corruption in Lisa Nadig’s “family” “law” case in Cook County Chicago, Rolling Meadows, Judge Alfred Levinson presiding, Natalie Koga, Child Rep.  Witnesses also call into the show. Radio Interview

Books by Michael Volpe

Motherless America: Confronting Welfare’s Fatherhood Custody Program, by Doreen Ludwig

Finally, John Oliver does Guardianships!

While the blogs and those who have been burned in gship and their family members and who have gone to mega media over and over again, only to find out they won’t report on this news, they and the media are threatened by the court system with lawsuits, this is for you.

This was published on June 3, 2018 and already has 1.7 million views and 3.9k comments

Thanks so much to Mr. John Oliver for doing this and bringing out an important problem in the US court systems.

It is everywhere across the nation.

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Radio Interviews

The freedom for all network…Blog Talk Radio, The Captain

Lisa Nadig, Michael Volpe & Doreen Ludwig discuss corruption in her “family” law case in Cook County Chicago