Soprano LIsa Nadig is noted for her work with the Chicago Symphony, and others. A licensed educator, she holds Master & Bachelor of Music degrees from DePaul University, but her most cherished career is just being Mom. She is a survivor of legal abuse through Cook County Chicago family court, in tandem with exploitation of her four generation family farm estate, stalking and threats. While silence is more comfortable, she decided to speak out:
It is my sincere hope this site will serve others well – that all we suffered will not be in vain.

On my birthday in 2014, I had no idea that my simple, anonymous blog post about a birthday cut off from my only child due to court licensed abuse, would morph into a website with the power to force the rich and powerful corrupt players in my Cook Co. Chicago family court case to resign. I only knew in my heart that day that I had to express the inexpressible, because it was killing me. So, without any training as a writer, journalist, or activist, I wrote my first article, Birthday Reflections, and published it here anonymously, on July 5, 2014.

But when the post exposing corrupt Child Representative Natalie Koga went viral, I began receiving anonymous threats to take this website down. Little did I know that they were all facing investigation due to this exposure. But I will never be silenced by such bullies, and I have never accepted any money for this site – a labor of love for fellow survivors.

Our children have the inalienable right to their childhoods. They deserve so much more than having their only, irreplaceable childhood stolen to be used as fodder in corrupt family court insiders’ Kids For Cash Scams. Judges, lawyers and court vendors must all be held accountable”

Veritas liberabit.

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  1. Tiffany Schiano

    I wish I found this 5 years ago. This is my story my 3 kids. My hell. As I type My 20 year old son is getting ready to drive to New Jersey from North Carolina where we are to bring back my 16 year old daughter that my ex took without the court or my permission. Our lives have been ruined beyond words. I don’t even know how to begin to heal but I know once we are all safe and together again I’ll make sure I do everything in my power to help start the healing process. I hate the judge who believed his lies. When I had filed for divorce 10 years earlier that judge saw right through him and his lies almost putting him in jail for contempt and reprimanding his arrogant behavior. He was arrested twice for domestic violence I had multiple restraining orders and he was never involved in my childrens lives. Yet here I am about to steal back my daughter from a monster and no one can help



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