Dear Judge Lisa Langton of Oakland County Family Court, MI~An Open Letter

LLG Tactical Coaching

Judge Lisa Langton

This Open Letter was submitted to LLG Tactical Coaching from various parents who have been victimized not only by an abusive and/or Cluster B personality disordered spouse but also by Judge Lisa Langton after seeking protection for their children. I have read countless court cases in which Judge Lisa Langton presides, and the cases that I have read all have a very comparable script.

The script usually reads something like this: The survivor of abuse presents documentation proving the XCB was abusive to the ex-spouse and/or child. Judge Lisa Langton regularly punishes the healthy fit parent and the child by drastically restricting the healthy parents parenting time and giving the majority (if not all custody) to the documented abusive XCB. 

If you are a victim of Oakland County Family Court and would like to find support and/or would like to learn how to take action against the corruption please click…

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