Natalie Koga Confronted With Eye-Witness To Her Corruption


Ever wondered what family court corruption in Rolling Meadows Cook County Illinois really looks like?  Natalie Koga didn’t even bother with a pretense of impartiality and professionalism in Judge Alfred Levinson’s Rolling Meadows Cook County courtroom.  She promoted my ex-husband’s onslaught of eight petitions for sole custody, and countless other harassing motions, an abusive litigation-vortex.  This vicious legal bullying lasted more than six years. She entered and exited Judge Levinson’s courtroom with every single one of my ex-husband’s six attorneys and sat next to them.  She lied to the court at nearly every court appearance, much of it on the record.  While texting with my ex-husband per cell phone bills, she avoided talking with or meeting with me.  

Letter from my former counsel Karen Conti to Natalie Koga, Child Representative, dated August 23, 2013, confronts her with eye-witness to her collusion with opposing counsel.

Dear Natalie:

Although I have…

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