Coming Soon: Timeline & Catalogue Of Judge Alfred Levinson’s Illegal Orders In This Case

Coming soon:  a time-line & catalogue of Judge Alfred Levinson’s illegal orders in this case.  Rolling Meadows Cook County, Ilinois.  Case #09 D 331 278

Judge Levinson said he didn’t care because he’d be retiring soon.  But we care.  And We Say No.  No to the war waged on our children, and our very souls by illegal orders written on our backs and our children’s backs.  No to Cronyism.  No to violations of the State Statutes.  No to violations of Due Process and Rules of Evidence.  No to Ex Parte Communications.  No to Witness Tampering. No to Fraud on the Court.  No to violations of our Constitutional Rights.  No to violation of our Children’s Rights.  No to violation of our Human Rights.  No to the willful destruction of our children’s educations.  No to the destruction of our children and ourselves so Court Vendors can profit from our Pain.  NO.

“We’re not gonna sit in silence.  We’re not gonna live with fear…We’re all someone’s daughter.  We’re all someone’s son.”


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