A Good Father Doesn’t Destroy His Child’s Mother Because In doing So He Also Destroys His Child!


Be considerate as you live with your wife, with respect ...”I Peter 3:7

Call your wife ‘blessed’ and praise her.  Proverbs 31:28-29

Do not be harsh with your wife.  Colossians 3:19

A good father would never dream of destroying the mother of his child because in doing so, he is destroying his child.   A good father would never remove a child’s mother from his life.  A good father would honor and appreciate the mother of his child.  A good father would uphold her good name rather than slandering her every chance he gets with the most heinous and perverse lies.  A good father does not abuse the mother of his children.  A good father would never isolate a child away from his only remaining biological grandparent, countless aunts, uncles, cousins and lifelong family friends just because they support the child’s mother. And only allow contact with the few haters.  A good father would not sew discord and strife in her family or any of her relationships – he would respect proper, healthy boundaries.  A good father understands that his children need their Mother and that the best way to love them is to respect their Mother.  A good father honors all that she has done to bring the child into the world, love and nurture.



6 thoughts on “A Good Father Doesn’t Destroy His Child’s Mother Because In doing So He Also Destroys His Child!

  1. Lisa Mya

    Michael Volpe Thank you for all you have done to expose the corruption in the courts! I and many others refer this as “kids for cash”. Children are bought in court by the parent with more money and the help of co-conspirators (court appointed GAL, Child psychiatrists, ect) from the loving parent who raised them.

    This is very sad and teaches our children “anything can be bought” even human beings. Parental Abuse is thriving in our Family Court System.

    Best regards,

    Lisa May


    1. Melanie Lindemann

      Tears from me to. My Christian family has done nothing but get caught in his manipulation traps, and cost my family lots of money. It hurts how he kept complaining he has no money, but continues to hire an attorney to keep my boys away from me, trash talk me, refuses to let me have them for Mothers Day, etc. The boys are damaged since I divorced 9 years ago. It hurts.


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  3. Dianne

    The worst act of human cruelty…
    Severing the mother child bond

    And the saddest and most frustrating thing is that us moms never give up, never stop
    Fighting but not one authority will take action and indict these judges for their unlawful criminal actions.
    Our children need your help!
    Civil rights advocates where are you?
    Bar members who aren’t afraid to expose the corruption Where are you?
    Authorities.. DOJ? FBI? Stop turning your backs and saying it doesn’t exist bc you are too afraid of losing your jobs by doing the right thing.
    I’m doing my part everyday exposing and fighting. What are you doing??
    Kids for Cash needs to be brought down and until the DOJ investigates and gets evidence of all the extortion our children remain with their dangerous abusers.



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