What songs can you still sing?

When torn by unimaginable, unrelenting grief, what songs can you still sing?  Can you still sing?  With a strong, unwavering voice?  Can you still sing in tune, with resonant tone?  Or does your voice become a weakened cry, or perhaps just a whisper of air struggling to pass through.  The instrument.  Pastor says the Bible says to sing your songs in a strange land, as the Hebrews did in the land of Babylon, the land of exile, of slavery, until Queen Esther rising in spendor, stood and spoke to the King.  Be still, and listen, oh heart.  To the songs of old.  To the songs of truth and the songs of spiritual power.  That cry out to rise up out of the wilderness of despair, of separation, of unbidden tears.  To stand, and sing.  Again.  For a heart must never top singing or it will surely die.



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