Motherless America

Mothers Against Court Custody Abuse – Federal funding of fatherhood custody programs have grown a family court industry and created a culture of preferential treatment and denial of due process.


3 thoughts on “Motherless America

  1. Coco

    I like reading your posts and have found them helpful. I am scared and frustrated by what is happening in our courts. It seems that the Father’s Rights groups even trump the children. What can be done about this? How can we mom’s help each other?

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    1. AMother'sHeartSongsUnsilenced Post author

      Thanks for writing. This is a real challenge all across the country. I am in touch with hundreds of women through social media, and the theme is the same: the parent who controls the finances, with the ability to lie and manipulate, can take your kids away, no matter what kind of a Mom you are; a “Leave It To Beaver Mom” – a June Cleaver, a wholesome stay-at-home church-going Mom who always put the kids first, none of it seems to matter. I have not found any magic bullet yet, or I would not be in this situation that I am in. However, I do know that we must not be silent and we must band together for change. Plug into all of the other wonderful Moms out there on social media who have been kicked out of their precious children’s lives. Our kids need us and they deserve better than the courts are currently dishing out!!! This comment is not meant to lessen the plight of good fathers out there who have been given the same horrible treatment because I know plenty. However, the numbers seem to be disproportionately female, related to sheer economics. The spouse with access to money controls the process. That is the divorce industry business model.

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